Best Christmas gift ideas: give what you’d like to receive. The joy of giving.

November 9, 2021

Few things give me more pleasure than finding the perfect present for a loved one because the joy of Christmas time lies more in giving than receiving. And I learned from my mother how to buy a gift, that is, I always look for something I would like to receive. For example, I love to get a present that is not only beautiful but also useful, so these are the two points I focus on when searching for the best Christmas gift ideas. Consequently, I prepared a list with fabulous Christmas gift ideas that will bring as much joy to you as to the person unwrapping the present.

Collage with the best Christmas present ideas.

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A coat for the city and countryside

Christmas and the countryside seem to go hand-in-hand. It’s time to ski and enjoy the winter outdoors. Consequently, my first Christmas gift wish is a timeless checked coat, very British country style, or a contemporary quilted coat, the best idea for a winter stroll.

An on-point new bag

A cool practical bag is a great gift idea because it can update previous years’ Christmas and winter outfits. So I picked on-trend quilted bags and a stylish tartan tote in bright colours to spice up winter looks.

Pyjamas for Christmas brunch

This present is convenient as we want to look chic for Christmas brunch. Choose luxurious pyjamas embellished with feathers in the best Roaring Twenties style. Otherwise, give models in natural materials like organic cotton or linen that look cosy but high-end.

Brooches are the best winter accessories

Brooches are the best accessories to wear on winter jackets and coats; they are excellent Christmas gift ideas. I selected brooches with sparkling crystals that elevate any look. And they can be worn alone or all together; in fact, the more, the merrier! Plus, you can send non-verbal messages through brooches as the Queen does.

Beauty tools

Beauty products and tools are always a great gift as we all love having healthy and beautiful skin. So our suggestion is this effective moisturising and hydrating cream that has an inspiring story behind its creation. Vienna Skincare was developed after the female owner’s husband went through radiation treatment in Vienna and beat his cancer.

Deep Hydration Cream cream by Vienna Skincare, the best Christmas gift

Here are some skincare tools that help your skin better absorb the active ingredients in your beauty products.

Balaclavas to fight the cold in style

Whether knitted, in cashmere, checkered or padded, these balaclavas will certainly keep heads warm this winter. And it will add newness to your winter outfit.

As with everything in life, what matters the most is the time, attention and love you put into what you’re doing, whether that is working, taking care of your family or shopping for Christmas presents. Nevertheless, after the pandemic, I feel we need to be especially thoughtful and show appreciation and affection more than ever.

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