Beauty tips and tricks for older women How to look good at any age.

November 6, 2018

As we all know, there’s no “soon enough” when it comes to taking care of your skin. Actually, ‘soon’ is on the top of our list of beauty tips for older women.

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will help you keep your good looks into old age. So no boozing nor smoking, girls! Cleaning, moisturising and protecting the skin from damaging sun rays are crucial steps you shouldn’t forego.

As the years go by, wrinkles are meant to appear and when they do, do not despair! You will only need to follow our beauty tips for older women to keep looking wonderful at any age!

The skin

Many women make the terrible mistake of wanting to conceal their fine lines and wrinkles with loads of foundation. Too much makeup will only make them more visible. As you age, you must wear more natural makeup. A little concealer on your dark spots and shadows and some blush on your cheekbones are all you need. If you feel you really want a bit more makeup, wear some translucent powder all over your face. Any excessive makeup will set into your lines, making them take central-stage, which is precisely the opposite of what you want, isn’t it?

The eyes

Your eyes are one of the first things, if not THE first one, people look at when talking to you. Unless your name is Kim Kardashian, then, well…

Dark circles and bags

Puffy eyes with dark circles may give you an interesting and bohemian air when you are in your twenties. But after a certain age, they just make you look old and tired! So the care you give to this delicate area is crucial.

First of all, you need to get enough sleep and of course, drink plenty of water. A tightening night-cream for the eyes will improve the appearance of the skin around your eyes. As for makeup, apply a thin concealer in a light shade, just enough to cover the dark underneath-eye circle. Be careful not to overdo it and do not use a thick foundation as this would only make matters worse.

Eye makeup

Because of the wrinkles – yes, we will all have them at some point! – too much makeup will draw attention to the creases around your eyes. Better avoid liquid eyeliners and thick eyeshadows. Nevertheless, do stick to the mascara, long and full-looking lashes will make your eyes wider and brighten up your look. You can use some highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes. The highlighter will make them sparkle as much as the eyes of a teenager in love for the first time. Your eyebrows may need a little help from a brow pencil to look full and defined. Again, be careful not to overdo it. Because if you do; you will end up looking as if you had two black caterpillars over your eyes!

The Lips

As we age, the lips get thinner so wearing lipsticks becomes a bit tricky. The wrinkles around your lips don’t help much either! Because we all love lipstick, and many of us feel naked without wearing it, we asked for some professional help. Some makeup artists say you should always apply a lip liner before the lipstick. It defines your lips and prevents the lipstick to run into your mouth wrinkles. Others think you should stay away from darker lipsticks. Lip gloss that will smudge and slip away around your lips is a no-go.

And last but not least, don’t forget to follow this tip. Put one finger in your mouth and suck it as you slide your finger out slowly. Use this little trick to avoid those utterly embarrassing moments when you’re at a party feeling fabulous, talking and laughing away and then someone points out that you have lipstick on your teeth…the horror, the horror!

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