Decoding the Asian-Girl style and fashion Bright and cheerful.

November 7, 2018

We are obsessed with the Asian-Girl style! In fact, Asian fashion is fun; it is bold and full of zest. Aren’t we all tired of the”Ladies who lunch” perfect look?

Asian celebrities such as the South-Korean members of the pop group Blackpink and the Japanese pink-haired identical twins, Ami and Aya, have caught everyone’s attention at the fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York or London with their colourful outfits and inimitable style. 

Effortless maximalism

Street style of two women wearing the colourful Asian-girl style.

Somehow, the Asian girls manage to put together looks with all trends at once. Additionally, they wear logo-mania from head to toe and still make the Asian-girl style look effortless and casual. Nothing seems too much for these girls. Wear a pink wig, yellow dress and purple boots? Sure. Unicorn-rainbow hair, fluffy pink coat, platform heels and a gold handbag? Why not? Mix florals, colourful, cartoonish illustrations, silky bombers and accessorise it like you mean it? But of course! 

Street style of two women wearing the bold Asian-girl style.

Asian-girl pop culture style

The street-style “Kawaii”, which is the Japanese word for “cute” or “able to be loved”, is already part of the pop culture and Asian-girl style. Not only in Japan but also in its neighbouring countries. Just think of Hello Kitty and all Nintendo’s characters that have been around forever. And the cute Asian-girl street style outfits seem amazingly natural; as if they woke up every day already looking like Anime cartoon characters. “My outfit?” you might hear them say, “Oh, this is just a little something I’ve put together to swing by the supermarket to get some candies”. Because, obviously, we all know that candy, in all colours of the rainbow, is all K-pop fashion icons eat. At least in my imagination.

Street style of two women wearing the cheerful Asian fashion.

Asian-girl style, an ageless fashion

Here in Vienna, there are so many Asian tourists that we even have souvenir stores with Japanese shop attendants and tags written in Kanji. When walking in the first district, the heart of Vienna, we can spot them from afar because of their colourful looks and joyful attitude. And the fun Asian-girl style is not restricted to young girls only. It is quite common to also see more mature women wearing playful accessories like neon handbags, vivid tights and kickers, bright statement jewellery, and big hats.

Street style of two women wearing the colourful and cheerful Asian fashion.

The reason why we like so much the cute and vibrant style of the Asian girls is that it reminds us that fashion -and life, for that matter – should be fun, even when you’re wearing Chanel from head-to-toe!

Don’t take yourself so seriously.

All photos via Shutterstock