9 Trends emerged from the Haute Couture 2022

FashionTrendsJuly 13, 2022

After the presentations of Resort collections staged in the most diverse and exotic locations in Europe, the fashion community gathered in Paris for the official resume of the haute couture shows. Couture Week allows luxury houses to showcase their most exclusive side with all the craftsmanship.
This year, the creations were even more spectacular. For example, Giambattista Valli celebrated his 10th year as a couturier with a magnificent collection, which he named L’Instant. Here is its meaning in the designer’s words – “I think the most powerful lesson of the last couple of years was really to enjoy the moment, live in the moment.” And Dior teamed up with Ukrainian artist Olesia Trofymenko, creating a Folk collection, which, for me, is the most beautiful of all. Volumes, bold colours and extravagance are some keywords of the couture catwalks in 2022. But beyond that, we have detected nine Haute couture trends you can incorporate into your wardrobe, even if you are not an haute couture client.

1- Dirndl Skirt

With a defined waist, volume and calf length, this skirt is ideal to pair with cowboy boots, as proposed by Chanel. But also as a modern Prom as shown by Giambattista Valli and Armani Privé. Apropos, at the Rose Ball in Monaco, Princess Alexandra of Hannover stole all the attention with this same Giambattista Valli dress in white and red, like the colours of the principality’s flag.

2- Bow

There is nothing more feminine than a bow tie. But on the haute couture catwalk, bows are big and sculptural. However, when the looks take small bows, as in Giambattista Valli’s models, they are many, so as not to go unnoticed. Wearing a big bow as a belt is one of the haute couture trends easily to incorporate into your wardrobe.

3- 3D Flowers

Flowers came out of print and gained a life of their own. And the idea of 3D flowers goes for different applications and sizes. And you can incorporate this trend by wearing a big flower brooch on your blazer lapel, for example.

4- Silver

Present at almost all the fashion shows, the colour silver refers to a futuristic luxury, and you can bet that high street fashion will be full of haute couture homage to the colour silver.

5- Velvet

The fabrics shown in this haute couture season are diverse, such as taffeta and crepe de chine, but velvet stands out as the chic fabric of the 90s, a decade that we are consuming with no expiration date.

6- Fringe

Folkloric, the 70s, 20s, all interpretations of fringe are in order. I’d say it’s the most fun silhouette to dance until the light goes out (no reference to the energy crisis, but…)

7- Fishnet

From Valentino’s tights to Schiaparelli’s dress, fishnet is the most seen weave on almost every couture runway. Dior’s vest over a dress embroidered on the sides is simply divine!

8- Sheer

According to German philosopher Byung-Chul Han, we’re living in the age of transparency which enhances our desire to show intimacy until we lose our shame. Could this be why full transparency has become a trend on all the red carpets, Ms Florence Pugh? But here are three examples of how transparent dresses can be approached with comfort and elegance.

8- Folk

Maria Grazia Chuiri showed a detailed collection with wonderful embroidery and craftsmanship. The beige colours are calm and elegant, and the silhouette is feminine and romantic. The Ukrainian embroidery and needlework details are incomparable, making this collection worthy of the name haute couture.

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