10 Beauty Tips And Tricks From Older Women

April 22, 2019

Looking at your grandmother, you may think that she doesn’t know a lot about makeup and skincare, even though she is rocking a dark lipstick on all of her old photographs, but believe me, with the years, there usually comes wisdom and sometimes, that wisdom is about all those beauty related things. You have to admit, she’s been using makeup and beauty creams much longer than you, so it‘s only natural that she would know a few things you don‘t.

Here is a list of 10 tips and tricks from older women, for women of all ages. Our editors select independently all products featured on Notorious-mag. However, when you buy through our links, we may get a commission.

Use Urea

With age, the number one problem for women is dry skin. The best creams to avoid wrinkles and lack of elasticity are those containing urea; they are excellent to fight dry ageing skin by exfoliating gently and hydrating the skin with the natural water-holding substances they have. Urea is a natural compound that our bodies produce during the metabolism of protein.



When you grow older, everything seems to go down, even your face; the skin is less elastic hence saggy; those dreadful smile lines appear, giving older women a more severe look. Besides creams, try facial yoga and don’t forget to smile. A big smile lifts your whole face and is the best jewellery a woman can wear.

Use Witch Hazel

It is natural that the eyelids begin to droop and your eyes get puffy with age. Witch Hazel or Hamamelis Virginiana is a natural medicinal compound with excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and also, anti-oxidants that neutralise free-radicals. Soak cotton balls with witch hazel and apply them onto your eyelids to reduce the puffiness.


Take care of your neck

Women often forget the neck in their beauty routine. It is essential to treat the skin of the neck as you do with your face, moisturise it and use sun protection every day because it is a pity to see a beautifully cared woman with perfect makeup and hair but a saggy neck full with wrinkles. There are plenty of excellent creams, or you can use natural coconut oil or olive oil that are excellent moisturisers.


There’s no such thing as too much jewellery

A bold necklace gives you a beautiful neck and can hide some unwelcome wrinkles. You don’t need to go around like Iris Apfel if that’s too much for you, but do wear some sparkling and colourful jewellery to brighten your look!

Take care of your hands

As with the neck, hands go often ignored, until it’s too late. Every time you wash your hands you take a bit of their natural moisture away. Do moisturise them several times a day and use a sun protection cream every day. Prevention is better since you cannot hide dry, wrinkled hands with spots that will age you.


Take care of your nails

Your nails are the same matter like hair, so they also need moisturisers. Taking care of your nails should be as important as taking care of your skin. Use nail polish with modern colours like this year’s Pantone Coral red.


Avoid too much makeup

Natural, minimalist and monochrome makeup suit better mature women. Avoid heavy eye makeup and dark lipsticks.


As we age, our hair becomes dryer, more brittle and fragile. It is crucial to keep our mane hydrated. The easiest and most natural way to do it is to massage your scalp and hair with coconut oil. Leave it for a while before washing it off. But make sure to use only organic oil that doesn’t contain any chemical that could harm your thinning strings.



Nothing makes you more beautiful and keeps you younger than love. Love your spouse, your children, parents, siblings and friends, love your work, your home, your garden and your pets. Love yourself and your life, and never forget to be thankful for all you have, including the fine wrinkles that are the sign of a fully lived life.

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